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Kawasaki EX300 – Ninja

March 20, 2015 EX300 Ninja

The re-flash offer:

New fuel table/s

New ignition timing table/s

New sub-throttle table/s

New rev limit at 13.100 rpm(optional)

Disable deceleration fuel cut off  for perfect throttle response

Disable or set in closed position the Air Clean Valve

Disable O2 sensor and closed loop function

New fan working temperature that open at 96 and close at 92 degrees celsius

New launch limiter at request rpm

Built in intelligent quick shifter function(needs quick shifter sensor to work)

kawasaki ex300



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Warrior XV1700 2002 – 2009

March 4, 2015 Warrior XV1700

The re-flash offer:

New fuel tables (no fuel tuner needed for most setups)

New Ignition timing tables

New rev limit in all gears at 5.850 rpm

Disable deceleration fuel cut for perfect throttle responce

Disable all timing retarder

Available for US customers from my partner Ivan Performance Products

Available for Euro customers by us


warrior stk ecu vs Ivans tq

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