ECU Flash

Our shop is reflashing most types of ECU to remove the restrictions that all the motorcycles have from the factory for emissions control and power limiting.
This also changes everything that compromise’s performance & driveability. The result is a bike that performs dramatically better in all conditions.

Our shop is not using any commercial available software or hardware, we use and develop our own tools “in-house.”
The steps of development are:

  • First we disassemble the ECU and then read the stock OEM programming
  • Then reverse engineer the programming to edit the various functions, and understand the way that the ecu is using them

This method is better than our competitors because first we understand the exact way the ECU is working, and then we make changes to anything that the engine needs to perform as best as possible.

In the reflash that we offer for most bikes, everything is included inside and doesn’t need any additional fuel controllers like power commander or bazzaz etc.
Although the use of these products will help make the tune perfect for people who require a system that is easily adjustable, they are no longer needed for 90% of our customers

The fueling is set for the modifications that we offer for each stage of tune. For extreme engine tunes we need to have the bike to run on the dyno for logging and custom tuning.

Also we offer Reverse Engineer of any stock OEM ECU that is not included in our list (type of ecu: Mitsubishi – Denso – Keihin – Bosch – Magneti Marreli)

For further details please contact as.