Yamaha Stratoliner XV1900 2006-2014

Yamaha Stratoliner XV1900

June 8, 2014 2006-2014Stratoliner XV1900Yamaha

Our shop is the first in the world that offer ecu reflash for this model through our partner in USA.

The reflash offers:

New Timing Tables

New Fuel Tables(Need extra fuel tuner)

New Rev limit at 5750 rpm

Disable Deceleration Fuel cut for flawless throttle response and eliminate the deceleration backfire

Disable Exup function & FI error code

Reduced heavy engine braking on decel


Dynorun all stock vs reflash – mod air box – D&D slip on

Strat stk ecu vs Ivans finalStrat stk ecu vs Ivans finaltq

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